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About us...

Our Foundation's Work Ethic
- Pioneers in educating the future generation through remote learning.
- Remote collaboration of students all over the nation.-
Encouraging Curiosity
- Promoting learning in various subjects and teaching these as well.
Creative Problem Solving
- Finding ways to solve and explain problems in ways not done before and easier to understand.

Meet The Team!

CEO + Founder

Carolina Rodriguez

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Head of Outreach

Ananya Deshpande

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Co-Head of Outreach

Sydney Ihekwoaba

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Head of Academics

Alifiya Saleem

Alifiya is a Pakistani-American from Houston, Texas. She loves languages and cultures and can speak 5 languages: English, Urdu/Hindi, Gujarati, Chinese, and Spanish!

Co-Head of Academics

 Nasvin Jeganathan

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Co-Head of Academics

Kat Welsh

Kat is a sophomore from North Carolina. They love anything to do with learning, especially math and science! They also loves photography and graphic design.


Head of Social Media

Celeste Doshi

Celeste is very passionate about helping create an uplifting environment for kids around the world!


Co-Head of Social Media

 Charitha Sarraju

Charitha is a rising sophomore from Texas. She likes to write, draw and binge watch TV shows sometimes. She speaks 2 languages and learning Spanish now!

Head of Graphic Design

 Phuong Luong

Phuong is a senior in high school. Her favorite things to do during her free time is drawing, coding, playing video games, and soccer. 

Head of Website Design

 Amulya Madugula

Co-Head of Website Design

 Fiona Wang

Amulya is a senior from Frisco, Texas. She loves everything related to art and loves designing in her free time.

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Head of Blog/Writing

Darya Erdogan

Darya is a sophomore from Houston, Texas. Some of her hobbies include programming, drawing, swimming, and, most importantly, writing. 


Co-Head of Blog/Writing: Tiffany Au

Tiffany is a sophomore at Diamond Bar High School. During her spare time, she loves working with kids as they are so full energy and curiosity.

Event Coordinator

Shannon Tay

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Stack of Books

Co-Event Coordinator

Thuyan Dang

Work Desk

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