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Career Guidance

Get a headstart on your future! Join the Career Guidance Program...

Professional Development Webinars

These webinars aim to guide students on a specific skill or activity to help improve their chances of succeeding. Some examples include resume help, college application tips (activities section, demographics, making a college list), interview tips, etc.

Speaker Series

Video Call

These webinars aim to inform students about specific professions, career paths, and passions. Professionals from different fields will speak about their careers, tips and advice, answer questions, etc.

Spreadsheet of Opportunities

Holding Notes

Participants of the program will have access to a spreadsheet full of opportunities (conferences, community service, contests, programs, courses, scholarships, olympiads, etc) to advance their prospective career path.

Virtual Externships

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Participants will be able to gain experience in particular fields by viewing and engaging in virtual externships hosted by professionals. 

The Kids Circle Foundation works to live up to its mission of virtually providing children with guidance and support. The Career Guidance Program gives children access to resources to aid them in exploring career options and potential areas of interest.

By hosting webinars with professionals in their field of work and giving opportunities, the foundation will provide kids with free access to help for kids' futures.
Student Calling on the Phone
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