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Kids Running

Our Initiatives...

Career Guidance
Watch a professionally-hosted webinar, participate in an externship, and have a list full of regularly-updated academic opportunities for all! Get access to different tools to help find areas of interest, explore different career paths, and get a headstart on your future!
Video Consultation
The Study Center
Browse our library of free resources created by our volunteers. There are slideshows, flashcards, notes, and worksheets on 100s of topics in various subjects including science, math, history, English, foreign languages, and more!
Image by Matt Ragland
Words of Encouragement
Our volunteers write uplifting letters to children receiving treatment in hospitals. We've already written 700+ letters. Join us and brighten the day of a child.
Image by Diana Akhmetianova
Virtual Tutoring
Give your children the educational edge! We offer virtual 1-on-1 or group tutoring in any subject your kids are struggling with. They can learn new concepts, get homework help, or explore new interests.
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