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  • Sophia Moore

Hobbies at Home

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

A guide for finding things to do when you can’t leave the house

By: Sophia Moore

Finding things to do that are fulfilling and fun can be quite a challenge at times. When

you can't leave the house for whatever reason, it can be especially hard to pick up a

hobby. That's why I’ve compiled a guide on how to find a fun hobby to do while

staying at home!

Why do you need a hobby?

There are several reasons why someone might decide to get a hobby. Besides

beating boredom, hobbies can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental and physical

well-being, improve creativity, and help build connections and social circles! Finding

something you enjoy outside of work or school can reap endless benefits.

How can you find a hobby you enjoy?

To find a hobby you would enjoy, you first have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do you enjoy doing?

  • Is there anything you have always wanted to try?

  • Is there a skill you want to gain? Or improve upon?

  • Do you want to spend money on this hobby?

  • How much time do you want to put into this hobby?

Once you have the general answers to those questions, think about some of the

things you could do that fit your criteria. For example, if you have always wanted to

run a marathon, enjoy physical activity, and don't want to spend too much money,

you could try to start running more as a hobby. The possibilities are endless.

What are some ideas for hobbies you can do at home?

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been

searching for more hobbies they can get involved with at home. To make your search

easier, I would like to help you with some ideas that just might work for you:

1) Crocheting or knitting

↳ While many people see crocheting or knitting as a “granny sport”, it is a

very fun, relaxing, and rewarding activity! With YouTube, it is super easy

to find tutorials on just about anything you would want to make. One

major benefit is that you get something out of it as well! It's an awesome

feeling telling family and friends that you made that sweater, blanket, or

stuffed animal. The only con to this hobby is that it can be a bit spendy to

buy all the supplies and yarn.

2) Yoga

↳ A relaxing activity that is sure to improve your mental and physical

health! Amazingly, there is yoga for almost anyone of any ability! Yoga

can be very adaptive and great for the muscles. There's yoga for

wheelchair users, people with chronic pain, strength building, etc. Plus,

you don't have to worry about money or leaving your house. All you need

is a mat (if you have one) and a good YouTube video and you can be on

your way!

3) Volunteering

↳ Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling things one can do! Plus, if you

find the right organization and role it can be super fun! Many

organizations now have virtual volunteering positions that make it easy

to volunteer from the comfort of your own home. There are even virtual

volunteer spots open here at The Kids Circle Foundation!

4) Start a blog

↳ If you love to write and want to start sharing your work publicly,

blogging might be a wonderful hobby for you! A blog is a great way to

express your thoughts, ideas, emotions, and more! Using a variety of

websites and apps, you can start a blog for free or relatively cheap.

5) Learn to play an instrument

↳ Music is one of the best ways to engage all parts of your brain! Learning

to play an instrument keeps your brain strong and is a fun and rewarding

hobby! Besides obtaining the instrument you want, learning to play can

be fairly cheap in this day and age with free youtube lessons and apps.

You could also consider getting a virtual teacher. Either way, this is an

amazing and impressive hobby to pick up!

Finding a hobby is only half the work

Remember that once you find a hobby, you have to stick with it to improve! Try

to set time aside to consistently practice your hobby. But remember, it is supposed to

be enjoyable, so don't overdo it! Best of luck with your new hobby!

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