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  • Tessa Lapradez

Prioritizing Yourself is the Key to Happiness

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

By: Tessa Lapradez

Each one of us has dealt with some type of pressure or stress in everyday life. Whether it be through academics, sports, or clubs, it is very easy to become anxious and worrisome. Society as a whole feels the tendency to just hold on and never catch a breath. The constant hustle of daily life for any person of any age naturally leads to exhaustion and if not taken seriously, may cause an individual to feel mentally and physically exhausted and void of any energy.

Though you may feel pressured to simply “push through” responsibilities and duties, it is important to prioritize yourself first and realize that taking a break is not succumbing to the pressure. It is showing that you have the desire and strength in yourself to evolve into a more secure individual. Many times in life, it is clear that slowing down comes with judgment from people that you know and even strangers. However, it is important to drown out the noise and know that your happiness and fulfillment should be prioritized. Without the feeling of bliss and ease, we can never be truly satisfied and will continue to lead a life that we have not envisioned.

It is very common to feel influenced by external factors and maintain the idea that prestige and accolades mean everything. The simple truth is: IT DOES NOT. Awards and accomplishments have more value when the individual on the receiving end feels passionate and invested in what they are doing. Only choose to insert yourself in situations or events that make you happy and will help you to strive for more. Sacrificing your happiness will only impact you negatively and hinder you from living as much of authentic life as possible. Never let anyone or anything dictate your actions. You are in control of your life and realize that no one else, but you, holds the power.

Making a huge step toward self-growth is not done with the snap of a hand. It takes time, encouragement, guidance, and patience. With this in mind, here are three reasons to truly solidify the importance of prioritizing yourself:

If you are running low on energy and the fuel of life, you cannot give to yourself or anyone else.

Choosing yourself is important to have as much vitality as possible. With the decision to step back, you will come back and emerge with more liveliness and spirit than ever. Those around you will notice an energy shift and will appreciate you even more for realizing the importance of rest. It is normal to take a break for different periods and to pace yourself. Moreover, it is a daily practice utilized by many students and hard-working individuals alike. Reward yourself with a break after a long and enduring day to re-energize and prepare yourself for the next days ahead. Know your capabilities, but also know that it is essential to not overstep the boundary to the point of exhaustion.

The feeling of being recharged will help you to soar above all goals and aspirations.

Once you take this step, you will hopefully notice that your performance and perspective on life are completely altered. You will feel refreshed, awakened in the best possible way, and excited for an opportunity to work passionately. Sometimes all you need is to reflect and assess where you are in a certain situation so that the best personal decision can be made. Not only will you find yourself happier, but you will also find yourself more eager than ever to take charge of destiny. Treating yourself to self-care and love is more important now than ever when we are going back to in-person settings and life is moving at a faster pace than ever. The biggest lesson to take is that change is normal and it is completely fine to alter plans.

No one else will have your back and advocate for your health more than YOU.

Always remember, YOU should be your biggest fan! No matter how amazing it feels to have the support of those near and dear to your heart, it is even more amazing to feel love from yourself. You are your biggest advocate because you know all of the ins and outs of your identity. Let your mind and heart guide you to a place of confidence and security. When it tells you that it needs to breathe, listen to it. Ultimately, your opinion of yourself is what matters most. Learn to say no to the demands of others when you know there is too much on your plate. Surround yourself with people who will respect your decisions and cheer you on for choosing to live life on your terms.

Now it is time to execute this newfound realization! Use these 5 tips to practice prioritizing yourself:

1. Be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion

Tip: Express gratitude for your talents and acknowledge all of the positive aspects of the day. Forgive yourself for any mistakes and appreciate it as a learning curve.

2. Take time to pay attention to what your body is telling you it needs.

Tip: Take 30-minute naps every day to re-energize following a tournament, school day, or work.

3. Remove social media for a while.

Tip: Set time restrictions on social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. Practice interacting with the digital world as little as possible, if possible just an hour a day. Go outside and interact with friends and family.

4. Meditate and find what truly matters to you and what you want.

Tip: Search meditations on Youtube for the specific intention that you would like to be set on for the day. Play calming music from nature or anything will stillness to truly focus on your needs.

5. Realign your goals to fit this new mindset of life when learning to say “no” and taking a break.

Tip: It is essential to list down the first important things that come to mind. Decide what matters to you and what you know you know must be accomplished every day. With this, allow for a few alterations but make sure that it is aligned with your limitations.

It’s time to take control of our lives! Remember that you hold the power!

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